Troy University Retiree Association - TURA

Retirees from Troy University are faculty, staff, and administrative employees who officially retire from the University under the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) of the Retirement Systems of Alabama. As a Troy University retiree, you and your spouse are eligible to join the Troy University Retiree Association (TURA) at any time during the year.

TURA is an independent, self-governing organization with the following purposes:

  1. To promote continuing volunteer support and advocacy support to alumni, other departments, students, faculty and staff and friends of the University.
  2. To help enhance the scholarly and other professional objectives of the institution so that it is able to serve more effectively the University community and citizens of the state and nation in the years ahead.
  3. To communicate on behalf of retired Troy University personnel with representatives of the University, government, and other groups relative to the welfare of retired persons and for Troy University students.
  4. To facilitate lifelong learning opportunities in sponsoring and promoting educational programs relating to needs and desires for retired persons.
  5. To gather with other Troy University retirees to learn, engage and provide support in areas of interest to Troy University.
  6. To serve as a recruiting ambassador to prospective Troy University students, faculty and staff.
  7. To educate the public about the problems and needs of retired persons; and
  8. To work with the Troy University designated senior leader (appointed by the Chancellor) to provide input and recommendations from retirees to the University leadership.

Privileges for TURA Members

Members of TURA, and other retirees who request it, are eligible to receive a Troy University ID Card. The ID card not only confirms the member as a Troy University retiree for retiree benefits, it permits members to check out books at the Troy University Libraries. They also receive discounts in the bookstores when also offered to faculty and staff, discounted athletic event tickets, discounts to attractions such as the Rosa Parks Museum, and more.

Privileges for All Troy University Retirees

  1. Retirees can retain their Troy University email. It helps retirees to receive announcements and other opportunities that are sent to “All Users” of the Troy email system. Potential retirees are encouraged to request continuation of their email account prior to date of retirement (Helpdesk ticket), but current retirees can also request reactivation of their account through a Helpdesk ticket at
  2. Retirees may purchase season tickets for Troy University Athletics. Please call 334-670-3681, 877-878-9467 (Toll-Free), or email A $50 discount on non-General Admission season tickets. Any seat licensing fee is still applicable.
  3. Retirees receive a 10% discount (with ID) from the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore at each Alabama Campus on Troy products and general reading.
  4. Retirees may receive discounts to any event on campus when discounted tickets are available for faculty and staff.
  5. Retirees who were eligible on their date of retirement and their dependents may utilize the Tuition Assistance Program.
  6. Retirees may obtain a Guest Parking Permit valid for one day in limited areas. Permits must be obtained from the University Police, Joint Training Center, 500 Park Street, Room 103. For additional information, contact University Police at 334-670-3215.
  7. Retirees are eligible to be hired on a part-time basis at the request of the department chair, associate dean, dean, or Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and approved by the Chancellor. All state and federal laws concerning compensation will apply.
  8. Retirees may use University facilities, subject to availability and the policies, procedures and charges established by the appropriate offices of the University.

Failure to comply with relevant Troy University policies and procedures; or failure to use appropriate conduct while utilizing these benefits may result in corrective action, up to and including revocation of the benefit(s).

Troy University reserved the right to change, modify and/or terminate any and all benefits for any class of employees, dependents, ore retirees at its sole discretion.